Shooting Long Exposures | Deborah Sandidge

Un Vaillant Martien

Slow down your shutter speed for creative, expressive images

The big attraction of long exposures for photographer Deborah Sandidge is the creation of expressive, often surreal images that stand far apart from the usual.

¬ę¬†Long exposures are particularly effective for travel photography,¬†¬Ľ Deb says, ¬ę¬†because most people tend to take the same types of images on their travels. But with long exposures, you‚Äôre going to get a very different look.¬†¬Ľ

DeborahSandidge01DeborahSandidge02DeborahSandidge03DeborahSandidge04DeborahSandidge05DeborahSandidge06DeborahSandidge07We‚Äôre guessing that when it comes to shutter speed, you favor the fast. In fact, it seems that most often we‚Äôre out to freeze the action, stop the motion and catch the moment, and to do that we‚Äôre setting shutter speeds in the 1/500-, 1/1000- and 1/2000-second range. But there‚Äôs another side to the exposure coin. Call it the ¬ę¬†not so fast¬†¬Ľ side; or, more accurately, the ¬ę¬†way slow¬†¬Ľ side.

Slow down your shutter speed‚ÄĒreally slow it down‚ÄĒand you‚Äôll be‚Ķ

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